Not by Bot badge, light mode

Not by Bot

Add the Not by Bot badge to your content to show that it is not AI generated.If you want. No pressure!The badge is completely free to use, also commercially. The only condition is that it must not be added to content that is AI generated. Obviously.

There is also a dark mode variant:

Not by Bot badge, dark mode

Why did you make this?

There is another badge project that asks for a monthly payment to use the badge commercially. That's a bit silly, so I made my own as a fun little Saturday project.

Are you anti-AI or something?

Not at all! It is a tool for humans and I use it a lot. I am however anti filling the internet with worthless AI generated spam.

I added the badge to AI generated content. Whatcha gonna do about it?

I won't invite you to my birthday party.

It's completely free, really?

It's just an image that I whipped up in Figma in 5 minutes. It's OK. Really. If you want to give me something in return, a follow on Twitter would be appreciated :)

Made by Daniel Dunderfelt.